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Talent Search and Selection

Development and implementation of recruitment strategies search and talent selection.

The survey, analysis and profile definition to cover (set of tasks by functional dependency, technical and attitudinal skills, level of academic preparation and contract information).

  • The publication of ads in the mass media.
  • The reception and classification of material received in accordance with the listing requirements.
  • Interviews of contact.
  • Technical assessments, psychometric.
  • Headhunting.
  • English assessments.
  • Young professionals programs.
  • Scholarships and internships.

Psychotechnical Evaluations/ Tests

Psychological interviews

  • HTP (House / Tree / Person)
  • Projective test / “Person in the rain”
  • Wartegg / Test de Luscher
  • Test de Phillipson / Rorschach test