The strategic importance of the Recruitment and Selection Process in a Company

In business, Companies are made of people, and their talent. Companies are as successful as the people inside them manage processes every day.

The Recruitment and Selection Process is the way in which Companies identify and incorporate the best executives to solve the needs of their Customers.

When we incorporate the best employees we are sure that the Company will be better prepared to achieve success in the market.

That is why the Recruitment and Selection Process must be carried out formally and with a strategic plan that supports it.

What is the Process of Recruitment and Selection of personnel in a Company?

It is the Process of searching for candidates to interview and hire in order to fill vacancies within a Company.

Why is this process so important?

Because the rotation of employees is easily eliminated, facilitating the election of the candidate who not only possesses the necessary competences to fulfill the position, but also possesses the core values ​​of the Company.

The main objective of Recruitment and Selection is an organized, transparent and fair recruitment process to incorporate the right people in the Company.

The strategic importance of the Recruitment and Selection Process gives to the Companies the following benefits:

• Help build your brand as an employer. When a Company begins to hire, the public, potential candidates and the Market observe it.

• Reduces turnover and increases employee moral. When an Organization hires the right people, the end result is happier workers doing meaningful work.

• Attracts important group of applicants. A planned recruitment effort includes identifying the best methods to surch the most qualified candidates.

• Hiring speed. A well-designed Recruitment and Selection Process quickly resolves a vacancy. Therefore, the interruption in production or services due to lack of personnel, can be completely controlled or eliminated.

• The success of a Company is guaranteed with the best employees, when they are happy and doing a meaningful job.

Alejandra Castillo



Human Resources Consulting